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Alex Rodriguez got so upset at Wednesdays arbitration hearing, he kicked his briefcase and stormed out. After the incident, he went on Mike Francesas radio show on WFAN and referred to the arbitration process as "kangaroo court" and "disgusting". He then declared this about his prospects of success: "Im done. I dont have a chance. You let the arbiter decide whatever he decides." According to A-Rod, the trigger for all this was the arbitrator, Fredric Horowitz ruling that MLB Commissioner Bud Selig didnt need to testify at the hearing. Selig, according to A-Rod, is "trying to destroy me... put me on his big mantle" as a "helluva trophy". So what does all this mean? Where is this headed? First important point: Rule #1 with judges is they hate to see a party not go through CBA-mandated arbitration. The CBA provides that this stuff first goes to arbitration (before heading to court). Judges want parties see arbitration all the way through to its logical end and be active participants in it. If a party like A-Rod doesnt do that, and the case heads to court, a judge can get real cranky in a hurry. So its best not to storm out and never come back. By failing to attend the rest of the arbitration, A-Rod may effectively be undermining the strength of his court case. Now on to Bud Selig. A-Rod was really upset over the arbitrator Horowitz agreeing with MLB that Selig didnt need to testify. The decision not to have Selig testify was probably the right one. When determining whether someone should testify, you consider the relevance and utility of the testimony. Yes, Selig is the boss. However, he didnt do the heavy lifting. Others reported to him and his testimony would have offered very little when it comes to assessing the facts and merits of the case. MLB COO Rob Manfred (whos the frontrunner to be the next Commissioner by the way) did testify and was the subject of an extensive cross-examination by A-Rods lawyers. Manfred is a key figure in these proceedings and his testimony is relevant and important; however, Seligs is not for the purpose of the arbitration hearing. Horowitz probably concluded that Selig couldnt add anything. It will be a different story if the court case gets any serious traction. In court, expect A-Rod to call everyone under the sun from Selig to Youpi. So whats next. It would be a surprise to see A-Rods legal team completely abandon the hearing. Whether they do or not, the arbitrator Horowitz will still make his decision based upon the merits of the case. If MLBs allegations go unchallenged, then the arbitrator may declare the allegations to be true. As well, electing not to return would undermine the court case. So from the standpoint of the litigation matter as a whole, its in the best interest of A-Rods legal team to return to arbitration so expect them to head back. This case is far from done. There is still a lot of legal wrangling ahead with no end in sight. Paolo De Ceglie Jersey . On paper, it looks a little like Andre the Giant taking on a midget wrestler. It has all the makings of a rout with the Americans adding an eighth win in nine outings of this biennial event. The Yanks have eight players in the top 15 in the world while the Internationals have just one. Moise Kean Jersey . Last year, Islanders forward Colin Mcdonald released a "Do It For Colin" campaign to promote his teammate and friend John Tavares for the EA sports honour:The most popular sports voting video ever has to go to Chris Bosh who showcased his comedic abilities in his effort to get fans to vote him into the 2008 All Star Game:You can vote for TJ and other star players for the NHL 15 cover vote here. The Redblacks host the Hamilton Tiger-Cats (7-9) Friday night in their last home game of the year and as of Thursday afternoon, the team was anticipating a ninth consecutive sellout. You can watch all the action on TSN1, TSN3, TSN4, and TSN5 beginning at 7:30pm et/4:30pm pt. Luca Marrone Jersey . LOUIS -- The St. Fabrizio Caligara Jersey . -- Canadian Erik Bedard pitched into the fifth inning in his bid to win a spot in Tampa Bays rotation, helping the Rays beat the Toronto Blue Jays 6-3 on Saturday.I personally had no idea the NBA even did this sort of thing. As if we needed another reason to compliment the NBA on how they handle their business. So let this be a warning to all you crazy NBA fans out there. Keep it clean, kids!Here are some examples of people breaking this ruule.dddddddddddd If I worked for the NBA, I would be handing out slips to these patrons for sure!Jack Nicholson definitely deserved one here. Umm, Larry David. What were you thinking?And finally; this guy. I know he wasnt yelling, but that dancing. Just stop man. Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Cheap Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Wholesale Jerseys China Jerseys NFL Cheap China Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys From China ' ' '
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Название раздела: Актуальные вопросы о плитке
Описание: Общие вопросы о керамической плитке. Как купить плитку. Как выбрать плитку. Качество плитки.

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