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1. VANCOUVER: You know this is coming if you ever listen to me chat NBA hoops. This is an awesome city and I have no doubt that in 2014 and beyond this area could support an NBA team. It makes too much sense to me if there is ever team movement and/or expansion that this city along with Seattle (they would rightfully get the first shot) deserve NBA hoops back in the Pacific Northwest. The last time it was here it was poorly run and with the proper ownership and management I have every belief that it would work really well here. Likely wishful thinking on my part--but why not dare to dream?? 2. CONFIDENT TONE: Its nice to be around a Raptors team for a change that is calmly confident and optimistic that they can compete with folks around the NBA. No boastful cockiness or attitude just a focused and professional environment. In my 17 years as a Raptors broadcaster, there havent been too many teams that had a true belief that they could be pretty good, thats for sure! Nice change and Raptor fans hope that this group continues to improve over the next few seasons. 3. GREIVIS VASQUEZ & LOU WILLIAMS: Ask yourself this question. How do you like your backup backcourt? Guard play is paramount to success at any level of basketball and when you have this kind of depth backing up your starters it allows your team to function quite well at the other three spots because your guards set the proper tone for the possession by possession personality of your team. I look around at the other 29 teams in the league and Id say that the Raptors have as solid a backup backcourt duo as you can find out there. Theyll both make an impact this season. 4. PATRICK PATTERSON: All business approach. Really mature young man who goes hard all the time and has excellent basketball IQ. He will play significant minutes at the power forward spot and his ability to make the shots as a Stretch 4 as well as defend for you are critical. His rebounding numbers can improve and thats an area for growth but when I look at the option of having him coming off the bench versus what the Raptors used to get from Andrea Bargnani as a starter in the same kind of role--I take this option. 5. AMIR JOHNSON: When you reflect back on the contract (five years/$30M) that Bryan Colangelo gave him and the criticism that it received, Id say most fans now would agree that this has been good return on investment for the organization. His contract expires at the conclusion of this season and Ive admired his work ethic, commitment to the team, leadership, impact in the community and productivity like most folks. Will be interesting to see how hes able to perform in his contract year. Hes laid it on the line and is quite popular with passionate Raptors supporters because of that. With greater depth, talent and internal competition this year, his numbers might not reach what hes done in the past, yet his steady influence and savvy will be a huge boost to them. Hell be heard from. Yangervis Solarte Jersey . -- Damian Lillard couldnt believe when he got a clear look at the rim. Luis Sardinas Jersey . According to a report from ESPN, the Green Bay Packers have re-signed the cornerback to a four-year, $39 million deal with a $12. http://www.baseballpadresofficial.com/johnny-manziel-jersey-c-14/. Kelli Stack and Alex Carpenter also scored for the Americans, who avoided a repeat of Finlands upset at the Four Nations Cup in Lake Placid, N.Y., in November. Finnish goalie Noora Raty made 58 saves in that one, but the three-time Olympian could stop just 40 of 43 U. Jered Weaver Jersey . "Its amazing to do this coming from such a small island, where tennis isnt necessarily recognized as one of the main sports," Puig said. "Im just happy Im able to be here playing tennis not only for myself, but for my country too. Dave Winfield Jersey . Wheeler scored at 4:58 of overtime, with Scheifele getting an assist, and the Jets beat the slumping Colorado Avalanche 2-1 on Sunday night.TORONTO -- Veteran forward Jay Pandolfo, a two-time Stanley Cup champion with the New Jersey Devils, announced his retirement Thursday. Pandolfo, a native of Burlington, Mass., spent 15 seasons in the NHL, registering 100 goals and 126 assists in 899 career games with New Jersey, Boston and the New York Islanders. The 39-year-old also accumulated 11 goals and 22 assists in 131 career playoff games. "I was very fortunate to live my dream of playing in tthe NHL," Pandolfo said in a statement issued by the NHL Players Association.dddddddddddd "I was lucky to be part of three great organizations and would like to thank the New Jersey Devils, New York Islanders and Boston Bruins. "I would like to thank all my teammates, coaches and staff for all the memorable experiences together. Id especially like to thank my family for all the support they have given me throughout my career." NFL Jerseys Wholesale Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Wholesale Jerseys 2020 Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Online Cheap Authentic Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China ' ' '
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