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CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- No one could have seen this coming.That is, except Howard Schnellenberger.Miami was the epitome of mediocre in the 1970s, spending only six weeks of that decade as a nationally ranked team. The Hurricanes best single-season record in those 10 years was only 6-5. They went through seven coaches in the decade, and went to zero bowl games. And their record against ranked teams in that stretch was a putrid 4-32.I think its evident, Schnellenberger said, that there was room for improvement.And how.Led by Schnellenberger, who went from sounding slightly overzealous when he got hired at Miami and talked about winning a national title to sounding totally prophetic when he made it happen. With three national titles in the 1980s -- all under different coaches, each of whom had a role in planting the seeds for what became five titles in a 19-season stretch -- the Hurricanes owned the decade.They werent in the most Associated Press football polls in the 1980s, nor did they have the most wins.But they were the only team with three titles in the decade, and in the words of Pro Football Hall of Famer Michael Irvin, they accomplished something even more meaningful.What we did then still holds up, said Irvin, a Hurricanes legend whose son now plays at Miami. The University of Miami changed the game of college football in the 1980s.They were bold and brash, too much for many pundits. It was national news when they got off the plane for the Fiesta Bowl at the end of the 1986 season wearing military fatigues. Miami wasnt exactly an endearing city at that time, probably best known in those days for what people were seeing on Miami Vice more than anything else.The Hurricanes changed that.Georgia, Clemson, Penn State, BYU, Oklahoma and Notre Dame also won titles during the 1980s, but no one got more than Miamis three (and it could have easily been more). They had some help -- the first two national titles were won in what essentially were home games at the Orange Bowl, and the 1983 crown likely wouldnt have been theirs at all if Nebraska hadnt gone for a 2-point conversion late in what became Miamis 31-30 championship-securing win over the Cornhuskers.The biggest win in the history of our program, said former Miami offensive line coach Art Kehoe.How different were the 1980s from the 1970s for Miami?In the `70s, the Hurricanes record was 42-67.In the `80s, it was 99-20. Their worst record in that decade -- 8-5 in Jimmy Johnsons first season, 1984 -- topped their best record from any season in the previous decade.Its a blessing. It really is, Irvin said. It is amazing, amazing when you step back and think about it.BEST PROGRAMSNebraska appeared in 98.76 percent of all polls taken.Oklahoma, 85.09 percent.Alabama, 81.37 percent.(Notable: Miami won three national titles in the decade, Penn State won two, and yet neither appeared in as many polls as the Cornhuskers, Sooners or Crimson Tide.)BEST RIVALRYMiami-Notre Dame. In 1985, there was the 58-7 Hurricane romp that brought the Gerry Faust era in South Bend to a most unceremonious end. In 1988, there was the so-called Catholics vs. Convicts matchup, a game where Notre Dame won 31-30 and Miami fans still insist that Cleveland Gary scored on a play that was ruled a fumble at the Irish 1. In 1989, there was Miamis 3rd-and-43 conversion for a first down. Theres deeper-rooted rivalries all over college football, but in the `80s Irish vs. Hurricanes was appointment television.MAIN TAKEAWAYThere were plenty of great seasons turned in by teams in the 1980s -- Georgia (1980), Clemson (1981), BYU (1984), Penn State (1986), Miami (1987) and Notre Dame (1988) all went unbeaten. But even while Nebraska and Oklahoma were consistently strong, it was Miami that went from also-rans to pariah almost overnight. The Hurricanes success helped further open South Floridas fertile recruiting grounds as well, since most schools were quick studies in figuring out that players from the Miami area were largely the backbone of the schools rapid rise.---Online:More on the APs Top 100 retrospective: Jorge Posada Jersey . Manuel was offered a position the day he was fired. He accepted earlier this week and the team made the announcement Friday. Babe Ruth Jersey .Y. -- Marcell Dareus and the Buffalo Bills defence made life miserable for Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco. .C. -- Calgarys Kevin Koe did it the hard way again. Don Mattingly Jersey .5 seconds to play in the game, Kevin Love never stopped believing that they would come out of there with a win. Reggie Jackson Jersey . The native of Mont-Tremblant, Que., captured a World Cup downhill event Saturday, his second this year and fifth career victory on the circuit. Western Bulldogs coach Luke Beveridge admits his clubs shocking recent run of injuries has taken the wind out his sides sails as they enter the run home to the finals.A week after the Dogs lost Mitch Wallis and Jack Redpath to long-term injuries in an upset loss to St Kilda, Tom Liberatore (ankle) and Jack Macrae (hamstring) were unable to finish Friday nights 25-point loss to Geelong.What can you do? Its hard to laugh because youre disappointed for the boys who have gone down injured but if you dont laugh you probably cry, Beveridge said.We think we can pull it together and at some point start winning again and hopefully get (to finals) and give ourselves a sniff.But a little bit of wind has gone out of our sails.The Dogs lengthy injury list already included long-term absentee Bob Murphy and other key players such as Matt Suckling, Matthew Boyd, Dale Morris, Tom Campbell and Marcus Adams before the clash against tthe Cats.ddddddddddddespite those absentees, the brave Bulldogs dominated larges patches of the contest at Simonds Stadium before the losses of Liberatore, in the second quarter, and Macrae, in the third, started to have an effect.Liberatore cut a disconsolate figure as he slowly made his way to the Dogs bench after halftime on crutches, his left ankle in a protective moon boot.The Dogs have just four games left to try to reinvigorate their faltering campaign, but Beveridge said it was too early to rule Liberatore out for the rest of the season.We think its one of those syndesmosis (high ankle sprain) injuries that can keep you out for a little while, but there are different levels so hes still a chance to be with us, Beveridge said.We just need to scan it and see what it comes up with. 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